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Complete Document Management for the Property Information Assets

We are specialists in the digitising, retrieval and database management solutions for Property, Estates and Legal Departments. We provide Property, Estates and FM (H&S) Departments with systems which will bring proven business efficiencies, ensure legal compliance and dramatically reduce risk (effective disaster recovery) for the document (electronic and physical) information assets.

Property Information Assets specialises in providing property specific e-document management and bespoke database solutions combined with the scanning and digitisation of asset, property/estates and FM/H&S archives. We produce secure on-line retrieval systems which gives total and complete management of the document information assets (both electronic and physical).

Property Information Assets can provide you with a bespoke system which enables you to manage your property and building information assets as you would aspire to manage your estates investment and physical assets.

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Why choose PIA?

Why choose Property Information Assets?

Why consider using PIA... We are committed to working with you to deliver the solution We have a proven track record We are committed to a standard of service which will not be compromised. If...



There are numerous benefits to working with Property Information Assets, and having your assets digitised and managed with one of our bespoke solutions, including immediate economies in space and...

Property Information Assets (PIA)

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What are information assets?

What are Information Assets?

An Information Asset is a definable piece of information, stored in any manner which is recognised as ’valuable’ to the organisation. The information which comprises an Information Asset, may be...