There are numerous benefits to working with Property Information Assets, and having your assets digitised and managed with one of our bespoke solutions, including immediate economies in space and administration.

Other key benefits can include:

  • Security of data
  • Flexibility of access to data
  • Provide a long-term business partner
  • Improved mobility for the workforce and access to data on the move
  • Experienced team with a proven track record
  • A broad range of proven technology applications
  • A flexible approach designed to meet current and ongoing requirements
  • A flexible and competitive approach to fees
  • Compliance
  • Risk, Disaster Recovery
  • Minimal disruption and invasion to the business

Business Benefits

Release of valuable storage space

The digitisation of paper records that presently occupy storage cupboards will release space for productive staff. Every 4 filing cabinets of paper stored could release space for another desk.

An understanding of where each document can be found

It would be expensive to analyse the cost of an employee’s wasted time retrieving documents However there can be no doubt that walking corridors collecting documents, returning to the office, sorting through documents, finding the document required and repeating this process to return the document, would add up to annual costs in the thousands. Not to mention that inefficiency of requiring a document from storage - wait two days for it to arrive - and then carry on the work.

Cost Saving - Employees Time

Searching for and reproducing a stored document quickly and with confidence can be essential in speedy, profitable and accurate portfolio management. With training in the system staff will easily utilise the search engines that come with the product to find specific text in all or one of the pages in any of the hundreds of files that will be on the database.

Security of data / Recovery from Disaster

By digitising the records there is much reduced, if not the complete nullifying of, risk from Disaster or mistaken filing or removal and non replacement of documents. It is hard to quantify the benefit of this but consideration of the consequential loss of profit from a break in service levels is quantifiable. With the files held in a digitised format either on or off site the recovery from any disaster will be hastened and smoother as the essential information of Estate Data and Client Correspondence files will be preserved and accessible.

Improved Mobility

Management working at other sites in the company, or even working from home, can still have access to all the documents by launching the digitised data on a website. Security can still be maintained by allowing access only via the company intranet.



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