Hosted Server or Client internally hosted solution

PIA is a company with limited bureaucracy and many solutions. Our software is 100% written with Microsoft development tools, and offers complete transparency of its working. As a result of this, we can offer 2 solutions for the hosting of the document management solution.

  • PIA Hosted Servers
  • Client Hosted Servers.

We have no preference of either option. If you decide upon the PIA hosted solution, then there is an annual maintenance charge. If you host the site/solution yourself - there is not! You will of course understand the advantages and pros & cons of your own hosting, but here are some of the available functionality and services with a PIA Hosted solution.

  • Hosted Server Advantage - Resilience and Redundancy
  • Telecity Redbus Centre - London Docklands   or  Your Choice! (inc. your site)
  • Dedicated Client Server or secure shared PIA server Option
  • Typical Data Centre Redundancy & Resilience for complete service
  • Complete client transparency over ownership, access and security
  • Server Architecture
  • Standard dual RAID build
  • PIA Three-Tier (dual RAID HDD) Server Solutions
  • Active Server
  • Passive Server
  • Witness Server
  • The Witness server controls the flow of information between the Active & Passive (the advantage of this system is that the Active server cannot corrupt the Passive Server and Vice Versa).
  • Server Raid Based Hard Drives can be corrupted