Advantages of using the PIA Scanning Retrieval Software Solution.

Speed of retrieval and ease of use

Using our Navigator software on your PC you would enter into the search field any word or words relating to the document/record required. The folder is easily located and a choice is offered to find the specific document within the folder. The document is found and an exact image of the document is displayed.

A particularly impressive feature of our system is the ability to enter a specific word or words into the search field and our Navigator software will electronically read every page of every document (typed words only - not handwritten notes). The list of documents with the specified words in is then listed and you are offered choices of further searches to reduce the list again, or the option to scroll through the documents.

The outcome is a very fast, efficient and reliable documents retrieval system. This will make employees more efficient and will allow work to be completed faster.

We at PIA can offer you a range of different solutions


  • a CD/DVD based solution
    which will deliver you an electronic 100% Facsimile copy of the document that can be; viewed, searched by
  • an internal network solution
    allows multi users at multi locations to do all of the CD/DVD Solution benefits.
  • an internet/intranet solution
    allows multi users at multi locations to do all of the network Solution benefits via simple web access


  • a living solution
    will give you the internet solution today plus the ability to add to it and maintain your records as up to date and flexible as your situation demands.