New Buildings

Most contractors would agree that their business is becoming ever more complex and competitive. Employers are more demanding than ever, regulations change even more rapidly creating serious demands on your project team. Producing complete, accurate and searchable Building Files is now a major requirement and if not managed correctly will inevitably result in a major headache for you.

PIA’s O & M Bureau  provide a service which manages the whole process of preparing building documentation, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best - getting the job delivered on time.

Throughout the project lifecycle we will liaise with subcontractors, compile and aggregate building documentation, which we will arrange into a standard format that is acceptable to your client and legally compliant.

Your completed file will typically include:

  • O & M documentation
  • M & E data
  • Heath & Safety information
  • Project directory
  • Statutory certificates
  • Asbuilt Plans
  • Photos/videos

PIA’s O & M Bureau  can produce a hard copy (paper) file and/or a digital copy on CD-ROM or on the Internet.