Risk Assessment

Whether you are intending to develop a Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery Plan or just wish to assess whether your business is at risk, we are able to offer an independent Risk Assessment Service.

Statistics gathered from the London Chamber of Commerce indicate that:

20% of all companies will suffer some sort of disaster (for example, power failure, fire, theft, flood, storm damage, terrorism, or IT failure)

Of those without a Business Continuity Plan:

  • 43% will never re-open
  • 80% will fail within 13 months

 Having read the above, you may think that perhaps now would be a good time to have a Risk Assessment? The service provided, by one of our specialist strategic partners, is geared towards SMEs and typically would require as little as one day for the small business to upwards of five days for the larger operation. 

With day rates starting from £400, isn’t your business worth this investment? Our partner, Consulting Delivers, can also assist in the development of a Business Continuity Plan and identify suitable partners for any Disaster Recovery requirements that you may have.